3 Easy Ways How To Start a Blog Free with Blogspot

How to start a blog free with blogspot is no different from how to create a blogger blog because blogspot created by accessing the website at blogger.com. Compared to other free blog platforms, blogspot is relatively easiest and fastest in the process of making it. And more importantly, because Google’s blogger, blogspot more easily indexed and more easily reach the first page of search results on Google.

3 Easy Ways How To Start a Blog Free with Blogspot

For the stages how to create a blogspot blog is very easy. Here are some steps you can follow how to start a blog free with blogspot in a short time.

1. Because blogspot is owned by Google, then access to login must use gmail email. If you do not have one yet, you can create one first.

2. The first step to make blogspot of course by visiting the website at blogger.com. Enter the gmail name you have registered with the password then click sign in. Currently all Google facilities have been integrated in one form of service so that the appearance of blogger.com login has also changed.

3. After successful login, it will appear as below. To facilitate you follow the instructions in it first change the language used to. After that click the New Blog menu.

4. At this stage enter the blog address you want in the ‘address’ column. This is the subdomain address that will be your URL later. In the example image we enter the sub domain name, so the URL will be http://yourname.blogspot.com. Do not forget to fill in the ‘Title’ column which will be your blog title. Temporarily select any template because later you can change as you want. The final step is to hit ‘Create Blog’.

Finally your blog has become and ready to be filled with any ideas you want to pour on the blog. To see the appearance of your blog, just click ‘View Blog’ in the top menu. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of the template you choose, you can replace it in the ‘Templates’ section of the menu on the left side. You can try and see the various templates you want. That’s 3 steps or how to create a blogspot blog that is easy and fast. Source: SEO Bloging

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