3 Easy Ways to Check Your iPhone’s Leaked or Damaged Batteries

When you use the iPhone after a very long time or just buy a secondhand iPhone, there are times when you feel the battery has felt very short of its use. Batteries that have been short it could be batteries leaked or damaged.

A leaky or damaged battery should be replaced immediately. Here are 3 easy ways to check the iPhone battery is leaking or damaged.

Battery Calibration

Before you perform the battery leak check steps that are leaking or damaged, all you have to do is perform battery calibration. How to do battery calibration on iPhone? iPhone battery care 2017

Easy enough. Empty the iPhone battery completely. Wait 2-3 hours. Then charge the battery fully. Do not interfere with charging. Anyway once this should be 100% direct. Must not interrupt the charging process.

Airplane Mode

Once fully charged, simply switch on Airplane mode or flight mode. By enabling airplane mode, then all wireless network functions on iPhone will die.

Thus, the iPhone battery power usage will decrease drastically. You can see and feel the battery level changes better.

Do not Use iPhone

When you’ve turned on airplane mode or flight mode, do not use your iPhone to do heavy activities like listening to music or playing with the camera.

Just put the iPhone and do not have to do anything. The only activity you can do is check the battery level only. Nothing more.

See Battery Use

The last step is you can check the battery usage in iPhone in Settings – Battery menu. If using airplane mode, it should be able to survive very long. Up to 24 hours can also.

If you only find the battery for only a few hours or it feels abnormal then the battery has been leaked or damaged. Batteries leaked or damaged should be replaced immediately.

That was 3 easy ways to check the iPhone battery leaked or damaged. What about your babi? Already leaked or still normal? also read about iphone news: http://iphoneprice.us/


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