7 Best Aromas to Reduce Stress and Excess Anxiety


There are many causes us to feel depressed: work piling up, financial conditions always seem to be cause for concern, the demand to keep fit and thin, through Instagram (referred to as the worst social media for mental health). As a result, less productive, impaired concentration, baperan, headaches, and difficulty sleeping because I still remember vividly the posting someone who “looks are always happier, healthier, like yoga, emaciated, his lot, always eating on the spot slang, and highly-modis- Like-no-effort “. One thing: you are not alone. There are many people who are experiencing the same thing. And there are several ways to free or at least lighten your burden due to social media pressure. The easiest is detox Instagram once a week and other easy way: buy aromatherapy oil that can make the body relax and your mind calm.

Beautiful girl in a lavender field in Provence France

Here are seven aroma essential oils that are effective to relieve stress. WOOP Suggestion: Think good and positive while enjoying the scent; The neighbor’s grass is always greener, but that does not mean it’s healthier and genuine. Who knows that artificial grass!


Lavender scent is often found in various air freshener products. The reason is because the scent of this flower can indeed change the mood for a better and soothing, also improve concentration, and eliminate insomnia.


Cinnamon or cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties that are good for the body. It is also useful to calm muscles and joints after running a heavy activity. For the often sleepy, this aroma oil can reduce sleepiness. It also gives a positive energy boost, if you are feeling tired, both mentally and physically.


Oil with the smell of cedar is great for relieving stress and tension that irritates the body and has a calming effect on the mind. Biologically, the smell of cedar can release the serotonin responsible for stabilizing the mood. Cedarwood essential oils can also act as a natural sedative, because serotonin is converted into melatonin that helps control and regulate sleep patterns and brings a sense of calm.


This yellow fruit has many benefits that are good for the body. Not only the fruit, the oil with lemon scent works well to refresh and lift the mood. This can be of great benefit to people suffering from stress because of fatigue, upset by breaking up, and helping to stimulate a person to receive positive things in his life.


Peppermint is well known for breathing, but it turns out more benefits than that. Oil contains a lot of menthol, and this natural “dope” can give a cold sensation. Compared to other essentials, the perfumes of peppermint oil are much more concentrated and will help you to concentrate and ease feelings of mental fatigue and anxiety.

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