A Modern Kitchen

A Modern Kitchen

If you like to cook, and for you is more than a necessity, but a real moment of relaxation and creativity, you can convert a part of your garden or terrace to make room for your outdoor kitchen. The examples are many, wonderful is the one visible in the picture, because it has everything neutral tones, precise spaces, ideal accommodations.

Here you can see all the best features to make cooking outside, not just an aesthetically pleasing place http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new, but also the best place designed to indulge your expressiveness in the kitchen.

An original grid

We like the idea of ??having an outdoor kitchen, and since at this point there were accompanying in this book of ideas, it seems that you also fascinates alike. So now we present an alternative to pure design, also useful to be mobile type, in order to prepare delicious dishes from your garden.

These modern design, or other avant-garde styles, are great because they allow allies to convey originality to the kitchen, thanks to their shapes, colors and materials and saving space without having to sacrifice your entire garden, or terrace, to have a place to cook outdoors.

A simple kitchen (convenient for all seasons)

We must not forget that if we want an outside kitchen, need to take into account the weather conditions. Once this is done, full concepitela and similar to one of those indoor and carry it, or let it build with high strength materials.

It would not hurt to have an outdoor kitchen which is great for the inside, right

A kitchen from the low roof, but high-tech

And if your outdoor kitchen seems secure, but in reality it is, you can appeal to the idea to provide it with a cover but very high, so that nothing will hinder fresh and recirculated air, and so the your kitchen will not be wet when it rains or you will not suffer the intense sun during cooking.


Locally inspired

If you love very traditional solutions in every corner of your home, there is no reason to change this idea when you want to create a kitchen outside.

For this idea, a very important part is to create subtle divisions between the garden and the kitchen, so as to create a small worktable, putting together a good grill and a counter to prepare and serve. This setting is more than enough, you just look at the environment in photos and you will realize that you do not need much else.

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