All For A Fee YouTube Also Makes The Leap And Challenge Spotify, Netflix and Apple Music

All For A Fee YouTube Also Makes The Leap And Challenge Spotify, Netflix and Apple Music

The group of paid online services (the famous services ‘premium’, a concept that applies now for whatever is not included in the standard package …) will be enrolled in the very short even YouTube. By 2015, in fact the ‘tube’ most famous web should launch two pay services to challenge giants like Apple Music and Spotify but also of Sky and Netflix.

The news is news only in one sense The Verge had anticipated all, arguing that by the year video sharing platform will launch two subscription services jakartacopy. In fact, it is the extension of the formula already applied in YouTube Music Key (paid service for streaming music launched last November at the experimental stage) and another service that still has no name. In this way – says The Verge – the site would be a mix of content for free, supported by ads, and also for a fee.

The method should be in any case similar to that of other networks that have already ventured in similar services, ie Sky, Apple Music, Spotify. It ‘clear that a breakthrough would lead to some not insignificant consequences for end users.

YouTube then cease to be an almost unlimited dispenses free content to take on similar characteristics to those of the largest streaming platforms, going gradually to empty the interest free offer to reserve its peculiar content to subscribers, exactly as happened for the general television at the expense of the various satellite and digital terrestrial broadcasters.

The features offered are top of the range the back cover is a Habitable fingerprint sensor for authentication, while the left side is the Smart Key customizable to perform faster and more redundant tasks in everyday life.

There is also the Smart Voice WakeUp function, through which calling the phone this will emit a beep to get trovare.L’amministratore Apple chief also reminded that applications for the Apple Watch are over 8500; a figure that exceeds that of similar, new products introduced in the past.

The arrival of WatchOS and its SDK will only increase the number of available applications, and when an ecosystem stretching, this also means more sales. However, just be patient. Time will tell where the truth lies, and could again be amazing …

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