Bakuman Final Season shows us the culmination


Bakuman season 3 shows us the culmination along with the end of the duo Ashirogi Muto and them aiming to achieve their dreams with all the trials and hardships to go with it.

Right off the bat is first would just to get the troubles of this third season out of the way. My first gripe with this third season is a new rival such as Tooru Nanamine voiced by Shinnosuke Tachibana who shows u really early in the anime, he’s essentially what would happened if Ashirogi Muto along with Miura’s author-editor relationship worsened and Nanamine is directly a villain in this show, not really a rival.

His plans and techniques to challenge Ashirogi Muto and thinking his manner of doing things tend to be excellent is annoyingly coldly nasty, for comparison Eijii Niizuma’s rivalry towards them can be friendly competition to better each other and inspire one another to do their best, Nanamine’s connection with Ashirogi Muto only just seemed out of left field and yes, although I could find out the main advantages of Nanamine in the anime in the methods for showing what happens when an author use questionable and focus group testing to be published and displaying what happens when you never listen your editor will take you, but when he came in, he absolutely vanishes from the anime making his presences all the more confusing why he was in the anime review site.

The second wrong doing and this is really minor but it is the animation done by J.C. Staff, while in most cases, the animation was up to it is standard, I found several rare derpy faces here and there. I’m not mad at this but just had to bring it up. Well, aside from that, let’s go forward to what this final season did right.

Bakuman season 3 brought Ashirogi Muto even more dangers and to what I could discover from this season was a much crisper focus to Ashirogi Muto centering around and developing themselves to achieve their dream. From Mashiro bombarded with how much work he has to get through even with 4 assistants and him in need of a hand and calling out for that help as persistent as he is, Mashiro strengthening himself by even wanting several serializations at one time.

Takagi got a number this through the mass media that influenced his writing in a huge way and this went onto to affect one of their serializations and the chance of that serialization blowing up in front of them, Takagi got through several emotional factors from him at all times wanting to help Mashiro’s dream through improving his own and even when backed into a corner, AShirogi Muto noticed the best way out of it.

Together as Ashirogi Muto, they faced dangers from their serializations from executive meddling to previously mentioned mass media drama and even Azuki gets in this via the huge media scandal. This also raises a decent stage in the form of Azuki, from the several times we saw her in both seasons, the final season lastly gave Azuki focus in trying to go through her own trial for their wish.

If anything it only highlighted much more from the second season that even through Mshiro and Azuki only experienced a long distance relationship and hardly ever met that Mashiro and Azuki were meant to be together through thich and thin and this progress was wonderful for all things I said.

Bakuman season 3 can be a work of art in it is own right, right next to it is season 2, though with several troubles I found from Nanamine, uncommon derpy faces along with narrow focus to Ashirogi Muto’s wishes and all but I just seen that the season 2 was far better even though the final season brought off a finished anime with a wonderful and pleasing ending, there was just an issue missing for I when watching the final season that the season 2 had and done a lot better.

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