Best Digital SLR Camera 2011

In all cases of course there is the position of ‘best’ that placed by one of each thing that is categorized. Like the best artist category will be won by a single artist with a variety of considerations and reasons. As do the electronic items like cameras. Cameras are the best in the category of DSLR cameras that will be occupied by a single camera from a company. But, you know that the best camera that is not occupied by the camera with the most expensive prices and also do not have the highest mega-pixels. This is exactly the same as the selected artist is not based on beauty and that handsome face, but based on his acting skills.

The following are the most preferred digital SLR cameras in 2011:
1. Nikon D3100 14.2MP Easy Nikon Guide Mode and 1080p video.
2. Nikon D7000 16.2MP High Speed 6 frames per second continuous shooting up to 100 shots. Great for action shoots.
3. Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP External microphone socket for recording great video sound.
4. Canon EOS 60D 18 MP Great step up camera if you’re graduating from a Rebel.
5. Nikon D90 12.3MP The D90 viewfinder is among the best in it’s price range.
6. Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP The little sister to the T1i. Great if you are price conscious.
7. Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP is the most affordable Canon. Which also the lowest mega-pixels in this group. If you aren’t making prints larger than 8 x 10, this is more than enough camera.

Camera with the predicate ‘best’ can be customized with your photography needs, the type of photography you are, and the budget you have, then you can find more information about Nikon D3100 and Canon Rebel XS. And if you are looking for that active camera to record video, you can recognize a Canon Rebel T2i further. and if you are looking for the best digital SLR camera for 2011 that also can improve your photography, then you should know the ins and outs of the camera with the most advanced and latest technologies such as Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D.

By choosing the right digital SLR camera, then maybe the camera comes into your favorite camera. Because with a proper shooting and the results that satisfactory, then it will give confidence increased simultaneously. And certain levels you will experience after making the camera as your favorite camera, is an addiction in the world of photography. So, be careful, I have warned you!

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