Carambola fruit Ensuring Mother Child Health and Beauty

Who does not know the star fruit? Cost-festive fruit is easy to find because it is a fruit that is suitable in the tropics. In our society, the fruit is usually used as juice, preserves, salad and even masks for beauty. It feels fresh, sweet and sometimes slightly bitter sour mix has many benefits for health and beauty.
On this occasion the author will only discuss the benefits and usefulness for maternal child health and beauty.
 Carambola fruit rich in vitamins and nutrients it provides health insurance to children in the form of:

Hasil gambar untuk Buah Belimbing Menjamin Kesehatan Anak dan Kecantikan Ibu

  1. Increase Body Endurance Son. Because the content of vitamin C and abundant moisture, star fruit is to ensure the health of children. because it can strengthen the immune system and replace lost body ion for activity of a child’s play.
  2. Increase Appetite. Star fruit contains vitamin A and retinol that can stimulate a child’s appetite. Put a few pieces of fresh starfruit when children begin no appetite.
  3. In addition to the two above-mentioned benefits, the star fruit is also offering health insurance to lower the heat laiinya like a child, heal ulcers, prevent cancer growth, anti-hypertension etc.
Of the many health insurance offered star fruit, it turns out this fruit has the guarantee offer beauty diataranya:
  1. Rejuvenate Skin. Star fruit contains vitamins A and C that will guarantee Mrs. skin look young and fresh again.
  2. Preventing Early Penuan. Because the content of Vitamin A and C are present in the star fruit is able to prevent the signs of premature aging such as dark spots, dull face, wrinkles and fine lines. The skin will look fresh again. To obtain maximum results, the star fruit is processed into a mask base material and mixed with honey. This treatment should be performed routinely.
  3. Overcome a variety of skin problems. By way of rubbing the inside of the star fruit directly to the skin or making masks, guarantees a variety of fruit skin problems like being able to reduce blackheads, control the oil levels, prevent acne, shrink pores and cope with rough skin that looks dull.
From the description above may be able to help the problems of children’s health and beauty surrounding her. Take advantage of the abundant natural resources around us!
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