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Google drops a tasty hint that Android 5.0 is coming soon

Google may need strictly dropped a sizable hint the item Android 5.0 may be the version over an unique operating system, which one individuals be prepared to discover trunk an unique head here at Google I/O later this month – not 4.5. A intro appeared within the sort of that …


3 Easy Ways to Check Your iPhone’s Leaked or Damaged Batteries

When you use the iPhone after a very long time or just buy a secondhand iPhone, there are times when you feel the battery has felt very short of its use. Batteries that have been short it could be batteries leaked or damaged. A leaky or damaged battery should be …


The Leica V-LUX 1 Digital Camera Review

Appeared in Cologne in 2006, the Leica V-LUX 1 is a tough, conservative camera known for its elite optics. With 10 megapixels, this camera catches pictures with clearness and life-like detail. This camera was planned considering the activity picture taker. It accompanies numerous inventive components that secure against movement obscuring …