Choosing the Right Bed for You

Sleeping peacefully through the night is essential for having a good start the next morning. Natural latex beds will give you a calm sleep and ensure a charged up and energetic body to take on the challenges of daily activities.

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What is Natural Latex bed?
The mattress on natural latex beds comes from heven brasiliensis or the rubber tree. The rubber tree secretes white milk-like juice when its bark is cut. Whipping and baking then treating this white substance converts it into a material that we know as natural latex. It is the best-known natural material used for mattresses or padding. The process does not harm the tree.

Just like foam beds, the natural latex beds do not contain springs. The central part of the Natural Latex beds is pure latex. This core is 6 inches thick for extra comfort. Then there is a smooth cover of stretchable, 100 percent organic, cotton and pure wool. On the outer side is a green colored cotton fabric.

Components of Natural Latex Beds
Natural latex beds make use of all natural components. The fabric, which is used for its mattress, is also organic cotton. Other substances present in natural latex beds, besides 90 to 95 percent natural latex are:
• 2 to 3 percent zinc oxide
• 1 to 2 percent fatty acid soaps
• 1 to 2 percent sulfur
• 1 to 2 percent sodium
These substances have to be used in little quantities during the process of manufacturing of natural latex beds. Most of it evaporates and the end product is washed at least three times.

Benefits of Natural Latex
Natural latex beds provide some exclusive health benefits. They take the shape of the curves of your body, as you lie on them. They help to prevent force points during your sleeping hours. Natural Latex is an outstanding material, which gives a soft hold to your body. It invigorates you and keeps you in perfect physical condition. It lasts for a very long time, giving you the full value for your money.

Natural latex beds readily adapt to your body and relieve muscular strain. This reduces and also eliminates interrupted sleep patterns and gives you a healthy body.

Natural latex beds also weigh above your regular beds and mattresses in many ways. They are free from all sorts of allergens, irritants like sulfur or boric acid, do not promote the growth of microbes by virtue of being dust, mite and mildew resistant, are odor free, and give a natural support to your back. Natural Latex beds are also completely biodegradable.

Choosing the Right Bed for You
Natural latex beds are available in three degrees of stiffness—hard, medium, and soft. Choosing the right rigidity will depend on your requirement. If you are switching over to natural latex beds because of a back problem, hard or medium natural latex beds would be right for you. Natural Latex beds are especially beneficial for people who are prone to allergies or are sensitive to certain synthetic materials. It has the advantage of being 100 percent natural.

While buying Natural Latex beds, you may get confused between natural latex and talalay latex. Talalay latex also uses latex as its main component, but only up to 40 percent. The rest is synthetic. It combines the best qualities of both natural latex and synthetic. Where natural latex gives it smooth and comfortable feel, synthetic increases its life span.

Natural Latex Products
Besides natural latex beds, natural latex is used for mattresses, pillows, cushions, mattress toppers, and floor beds. Introduce it to your life and you will never complain of a disturbed sleep.

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