Editor Choices Sony KD-55X9305C

Editor Choices Sony KD-55X9305C

Finally, we talk about this high-end Sony model, which deserves a spot on the podium among the best 4K TVs currently on the market. There is nothing in this 55 inch TV that does not excel. Let’s start with the screen, which sees an excellent contrast, to be taken as an example in the industry, and a black quality just as exquisite, thanks to the local dimming that ensures its uniformity in every pixel of the screen. The colors are as faithful as in a few televisions and even the whites are perfect. This TV proves to be ideal even for gaming, where there is a need for a low delay delay and a lag lag (input lag ranging from 30 to 40 ms in this model), all of the features that this TV meets in full. 3D technology with high quality is also present, and 3D glasses are included in the package.

Anyone who has seen the picture will have noticed something different from other TVs speakers. The audio that these real cases reproduce is perfect, high resolution and very powerful teknorus. The astounding power of the 6 speakers is actually 90 Watt RMS (180 Watts), and with the presence of more audio modes in the software segment (music, movies, standard), it is capable of reproducing anything at the highest quality. They could not miss a high-caliber 4-port TV with HDMI 2.0 and 3 USB ports. We did not find any disadvantage on this TV and if you claim the best on all aspects you should definitely buy it.

Locate the songs in the window that appears, select them and click Add again. Once you’ve added all your songs, click Next. In the new mask, select your CD player (if not already selected) in the drop-down menu, and enter the name in the text bars and the artist (s) you are referring to. Then click on Burn; At the end of the procedure, the player drawer will open and your CD will be ready to be listened to.so it has the Android operating system and can surf the internet. Another advantage is the presence of 4 HDMI ports, which make it very convenient for connecting many devices. Finally, even the speakers are powerful enough, with 20 watts. We leave you the direct link to buy this LCD TV Philips 40PUH6400 40 4K Ultra HD Smart Wi-Fi Black TV

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