Excellence And Weakness Of Suzuki Ertiga Car

Small class car MPV made by Suzuki, labeled Suzuki Ertiga is staying digadang will be able to compete with its competitors. Suzuki Ertiga to date even able to show a very positive sales figures. Suzuki Ertiga car first launched to the public in 2012 is a car with double blower series and matic version and elegant variant is very interesting, because the low MPV car carrying capacity of 1400 cc engine K14B series with VVT and DOHC technology has several advantages And shortcomings. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Check out the following brief review.

Pros and Cons of Suzuki Ertiga Car

One of the advantages possessed by Suzuki Ertiga Car is the exterior design is very fascinating and very character who not infrequently invite the admiration of everyone who looked at it. Views Suzuki Ertiga that looks very exotic can be seen on the front of the chrome-plated front grille and rear chrome garnish that makes Suzuki Ertiga has a very impressive display. With the exterior design that diusungnya, Suzuki Ertiga seem very modern, impressive and look very stylish which of course will bring a pride for its users.Suzuki Ertiga car 2017

Suzuki Ertiga car also has other advantages, such as the interior. In the interior, Suzuki Ertiga also features a very modern, elegant and stylish impression. Interior design is carried by Suzuki Ertiga looks very eye shadow, where the interior of this Ertiga Suzuki wrapped with highly qualified materials. Besides the elegant impression is also seen in the instrument panel is designed with exclusive and ergonomic. On the steering wheel is also equipped with EPS or Electronic Power Steering and Tilt Steering which will make the interior look Suzuki Ertiga looks very luxurious. Also read: http://newcarsandreviews.com/

Suzuki Ertiga car is also very superior in the comfort sector, where the Suzuki Ertiga is equipped with Front Wheel Drive feature is a front wheel drive system that has a very large function. The function of the Front Wheel Drive is to drive the wheels without the need to go through the propeller shaft, thus the acceleration of the Suzuki Ertiga is much more responsive and certainly will make the fuel consumption becomes much more efficient. Another benefit is the space floor Suzuki Ertiga also become more spacious and Suzuki Ertiga is not easy to slip on a slippery road.

Suzuki Ertiga car also has an advantage to be proud of, namely the security sector. Where on the Suzuki Ertiga car is also equipped with a highly qualified and latest security device system. Just look at the alarm feature in anticipation of theft action. In addition Suzuki Ertiga also equipped with Side Impact Beam on the side door that has a function as a passenger protector from the dangers of side collisions and keep the door is always solid.

Among the many advantages possessed by Suzuki Ertiga, there are also some shortcomings owned by this Suzuki Ertiga Car, one of which is on the eadroom. Where eadroom owned on the third row is quite low especially for adults with 170 cm height. In addition Suzuki Ertiga also has a lack of rear seats that can not be folded so that the cabin is less than the maximum. So this brief review may be useful.

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