How to Choose the Right Hitch Cargo Carrier Size

hitch cargo basket

hitch cargo basketMentioning that hitch cargo carrier could be the answer to carry the luggage, you might be surprised to find that there are so many size available. Each of these could fit to either specific car or specific luggage. Therefore, you need to know exactly what items you are looking for.

  1. Hitch Type?

Make sure your car has a hitch at the back. Find out which class and type it is. For instance, hitch cargo requires class 1 up to 3 hitch. Thus, you could ask for a carrier that fits to this class.

  1. Cargo Type?

Standard type of hitch carrier has board form, but different types of cargo calls for specific types of carrier. If you only bring suitcases, then the standard one is enough for you. However if you plan to bring along your vehicle, you might consider to choose the other types of carriers.

  1. Cargo Weight?

When you ask about the maximum weight a carrier could handle, it is 500 lbs. However, you could definitely cut the price when you don’t actually carry that much. The safest way is to pick the carrier that could handle more weight than your luggage.

  1. Tying Equipment?

Now that you are set, it is time to consider the safety of your luggage. Instead of using bungee cord, you could pick ratchet strap. It fits to all hitch carrier.

  1. Permanent or Removable?

Even when people say the hitch cargo is easy to install, you still need to invest your time. If you plan to have it installed permanently, don’t forget to ask the one with folding adapter. When you are not using the carrier, fold it.

Measuring the weight of your luggage is the first brilliant step. Next, you are required to find the class of your car and considering the way to secure your luggage. These simple steps will help you to determine the cargo carrier you need to buy. At last, you can enjoy great holiday with your hitch cargo carrier.

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