How to Review an Anime Series

How to Review an Anime Series

Anime is one of the popular culture both in Japan and worldwide. As the popularity grows, many people are interested in this animation style and many website arises to provide some reviews and discussion. However, reviewing anime is not as simple as its sound. You need to consider several aspects – not only the story and art.


Many anime websites like MyAnimeList, ANN, or Anime Bibly are always giving a wonderful review, and here what we learn from them. In order to review an anime, here what you need to consider and look at.


The storyline is the most basic thing you need to look at. You have to evaluate everything about story and plot, including concept and idea. Some questions you need to ask yourself is whether the storyline got good progression or not? Whether the concept is consistent or not? Is it easy to understand or not? From here, you can see whether the anime in questions is really good to watch or not, and you will know this anime is meant for specific circles, like children, teens, or even adult.

This is the most simple example of anime. Kimi no Na wa is meant for teens because it includes complex story line and concept, along with romance and first love. Check the trailer out!


When it comes to animation, then the artwork is another vital one! As you know that there’s a huge difference between anime and cartoon. If anime (Japanese animations style) tend to give the art as detail as possible, while cartoon (American animation style) tend to make it as funny as possible. Some aspects you need to consider are background, characters design, and also animation movement, especially in battle scenes if the anime in questions are action genre.

Anime Artwork
A Beautiful Anime Artwork from “Kotonoha no Niwa” anime film by Makoto Shinkai

Characters Development

Usually, the characters development and plot are related to each other. If the story progress is moving smoothly and great, then characters will get good development as well, and vice versa. The thing that should you know relating to this point is whether the characters gain the better person or not, or his/her involvement with the story itself.


In the film industry, music plays an important role since it will bring mood swings. For example, you must be know how the melancholic music sounded like, and when it should be included in the scene. Make sure you feel the sound with some specific scenes in that anime. Whether it could make you more sad, happy, or intense.


Just wrap everything you did in this section. I also usually give a recommendation who should watch this anime. Because as I mentioned above, not all anime is meant for anyone! Don’t forget to give your rate here, around 1-10, or 10-100, or whatever you want to rate it.

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