LinkedIn and Pinterest Social Media Facts

Are you aware of what habits changed from the beginning you use social media to date? What social media are you using today? What media interests you to use or test in the next 12 months?

LinkedIn and Pinterest Social Media Facts

Here are the facts about LinkedIn and Pinterest the best social media website you need to know


LinkedIn was recently purchased by Microsoft. It will be interesting to observe, how it will affect evolution and growth. There’s something you need to remember. If you’re a user who likes to use LinkedInd and rely on everything on the platform to get leads and business relationships, then you should be more careful and should not do this. “Putting all your eggs inside basket that is not your own.

  • Linkedin has over 433 million members worldwide
  • More than 25 million visits each day
  • Benefits of Linkedin profile for the first quarter of 2016 was $ 861 million profits full year of 2016 is projected to reach $ 3.7 million
  • Microsoft buy Linkedin to $ 26 , 2 billion
  • Growth from year to year by 9%
  • There were 105 million unique visitors per month
  • 60% users use mobile
  • Total see page members on a quarterly basis to reach 45 billion
  • Job listingnya grew by 101% in every year
  • more than 7 million jobs that active
  • Linkedin profile belongs Recruiters from every 3 professional platforms is on LinkedIn
    200 per minute conversation going on LinkedIn


Pinterest is not a large, viral network but it should be noted. This platform is great because of its enormous target potential: women and target markets in any way visually. Includes design, photography, fashion and food for starters. See moreĀ social media guide

  • Pinterest has 100 million Users Have value $ 11 billion 85%
  • Pinterest users are women Every pin Repined on average 10 times
  • Pin from Pinterest redirects traffic to 4 hit sites
  • Users spend an average of 15 minutes on Pinterest per visit 75% of traffic Pinterest comes from mobile apps
  • 50% of images with different colors are shared 10 times more than images which is only black and white
  • The image with the red or orange element is 200% more share than other color elements
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