Lipton Green Tea Bottles Overview

Lipton Green Tea Bottles

Are you an avid fan of tea? If the answer is yes, then you should have known about Lipton Tea. This tea producer was established in 1893 by Thomas J. Lipton. He started the company as a place for tea packing which is located in New Jersey, at Hoboken to be exact. After many years of tea bags production, the company launched Lipton Green Tea Bottles products to accommodate the demands of the market. When you heard green tea, you may think that the product has a lot of health benefits to our body. However, it is better to read the ingredients carefully as it contains some of ingredients that you may not favor.

Lipton Green Tea Bottles has HFCS of high fructose corn syrup, which become second ingredient in the product. This HFCS will be absorbed quickly and converted to fat by our liver and it will not be recognized as food, thus your hunger will not fade away. If you drink it too much, it may lead to higher chances of obesity. It is also packed with calories and sugar, which is not quite good for our body if the bottled tea is consumed frequently and in a large amount.

Lipton Green Tea Bottles does contain a lot of antioxidants in one serving due to the natural characteristic of green tea itself. However, if you wish to get the fullest benefit of these antioxidants, it is recommended to choose the tea bag version as the bottled one has gone through more processing, thus destroying most of these antioxidants. The bottles used by the products uses 20% less plastic compared to the old products, contributing to preserve the environment. This becomes a proof that Lipton applies sustainable practices to contribute to the better world, which adds more value to the company.

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