List of World’s Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax 2017

List of World's Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax 2017

In return for operations and services, the airline in the world gets the award, one of the awards given by Skytrax. It is a United Kingdom consulting firm that frequently and focuses on research about airlines. Every year, Skytrax releases a list of airlines, airports, staffs, cabins, and other best air travel elements.In addition there are several categories of assessment also set by the skytrax, one of which isworld’s best low cost airline.

What Is Low Cost Airline?

Before knowing the best airline list, you should know first what it is low cost airline.It is also called as low cost carrier which is as an airline that has lower fares generally.Usually the cost of tickets for low cost flights airlines tend to be cheaper. However, it reduces the services provided. There are usually extra charge for some other needs during flight such as food, seat and baggage. However, the low cost airline is a favorite choice of many passengers. They do not have to spend a lot of money to get somewhere they want to visit.

Best Low Cost Airlines in the World 2017

Although the cost of tickets is cheap, but most airlines still provide the best service. Even the guarantee of safety and comfort become the most highlighted.Based on many surveys conducted by many independent institutions, there are many airlines that get the award including the best low cost airlines in the world. For best low cost airline in the world by Skytrax 2017, here some of list of the airlines sorted from the best to the worst.

  1. AirAsia
  2. Norwegian
  3. JetBlue Airways
  4. EasyJet
  5. Virgin America
  6. Jetstar Airways
  7. AirAsiaX
  8. Azul LinhasAéreasBrasileiras
  9. Southwest Airlines
  10. Indigo
  11. WestJet
  12. Scoot
  13. Jetstar Asia
  14. Eurowings
  15. Ryanair
  16. Vueling Airlines
  17. Tigerair
  18. Peach
  19. Air Canada rouge
  20. SpiceJet

What underlies the award?

The award is based on several considerations of the survey results. According to information sources from skytrax, customer satisfaction assessment and staff service standards become the main gauge of the list.This survey is only focused on the class of all low-cost carriers. From the survey conducted on passengers from around the world, then generate global ratings which then make the above arrangement of World’s Best Low Cost Airline in 2017. If you want to get more detail info about the awards, you can visit this link.

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