Made in Abyss, allure of the abyss is inescapable

Made in Abyss

The abyss really attracted all the explorers from many ages, and also attracted us into each episodes with thrills, wish, bliss, together with drama.


If I have one phrase to explain the anime, it ought to be “Unpredictable”. If the moments of Orth in the first episode make you provide you heartwarming with a lovely standard life of the orphanage, the next episodes will bring you into a great exploration along with Riko and Reg. Because of well pacing, completely unique story, we can effortlessly fully understand the feelings of the main characters, appears like we are standing next to them, following their actions to numerous creepy, interesting things which abyss will show to us. Moreover, few minutes flashback together with non-spoilers endings make our adventures even more palpitating. These tend to make your heart go through lots of emotions, which turn this show into a work of art.


The studio produced the sound quite nicely with many difficult sound, certainly Reg’s voice actor were fitting for the character and personality: childish, cute voices of kids, slow scary Ouzen’s… And I came across the opening theme is superior. In fact, I replayed it about 10 times.


People attempt to watch this show due to the wonderful art. If they asked me for a suggestions, I would pick this one. The character design is incredibly unique that you can’t see them elsewhere in most of adventure genre. They can make everyone win over on the first time with lovely characters, properly design monsters along with majestic abyss. Certainly the art at the end of the opening theme make my big eyes filled with candies, and fit characters’ personalities perfectly, too.


All I can express is you can have numerous impressions from various characters, so that making them outstanding.


Definitely the best essential anime of the season. It is truly worth watching this endless time.


It can be very sad that I haven’t noticed anything about the second season or another progress.

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