Making green everywhere

Freshness of nature is necessary for living things. Also for human, there is no exception. Health was even advised to be at least daily had themselves to being outdoors and get some fresh air, so that fatigue and stress that you experience every day can take a break from yourself. But what if we live in urban areas that very minimal from the existence of green plants? What should we do to still feel the freshness that refers to health? The following may be able to be a reference for you to still be able to feel fresh and ‘green’ in your residence, in a simple way.

In the kitchen, you can plant the rosemary. Reduce our reliance to coffee flavor with a rosemary plant, because, according to a study in the UK to 144 people, the aroma of the herb is able to increase our vigilance. In addition, rosemary can also add flavor to chicken and fish, helps the digestive system, and boost immunity. In order to remain fertile, rosemary make sure we always get the exposure to sunlight and do not forget to water it every few days to keep the soil in wet conditions.

In the bathroom, you can add a touch of green foliage. Some of us might choose a warm bath with running water for a relaxing effect. This time try to give a little touch of “green” in the bathroom. Because the researchers believe, by doing that, will help women’s overcomes and more adept at controlling their blood pressure or tension. Similar facts are also found in a study conducted by Washington State University. They found the “arrival” of green plants during and after stress conditions are able to make our blood pressure did not increase. Try to put aloe plant in our bathroom and good relaxation every day.

In the bedroom, the most comfortable place to unwind, you can plant the lavender. Several studies have crowned lavender as a potent sleep medication. Recent research conducted by the University of Southampton in England, found people with mild insomnia disorders, particularly women, more simply close their eyes in the room with scented plants compared with scent-free room. Grow seeds lavender flowers in the window facing south in a cool, light and provide enough water.

The biggest mistake that people often do when maintaining plants in the house is “kill him” slowly, says Rebecca Kolls, host of Rebecca’s Garden. Once a week is enough as flushing time for most plants. Or we can put our finger into the hold at the end of the edge of the pot about 2 knuckles. If the first book our finger feels dry, it’s time we re-watered plants. If the bedroom we are less sun exposure, you should put lavender elsewhere and replace it with dried lavender beside our bed.

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