Malaysia Airlines First to Track Fleet With Satellites

14. Malaysia Airlines First to Track Fleet With Satellites
14. Malaysia Airlines First to Track Fleet With Satellites
14. Malaysia Airlines First to Track Fleet With Satellites

Malaysia Airline had experienced the most enduring aviation mysteries three years ago. At that time, MH370 flight got lost or disappeared with 239 people on board. Until now, it has not been found where the wide-body jet is. It then becomes a valuable lesson for airlines, especially for Malaysia Airline to pay more attention to aviation security.The logical step was then taken by the airline, namely by using latest technology for tracking or monitoring aircraft with satellite-based.

About Satellite Tracking System

Satellite Tracking System is the service provided by US-based Aireon LLC, SITAONAIR and FlightAware LLC. The system has advantages that are very qualified, even never been created before.It will be able to monitor the plane or aircraft in anywhere in the world even in remote areas. Even though the plane is on the Polar Regions or remote oceans, it will be monitored easily. In addition, this system can also provide regular updates information on a plane’s location.

Base of Technology Advance

In developing this technology, Aerion collaborates with Iridium Communications Inc. That’s because the organization is authorized to monitor air traffic even in all around the globe. In the satellite system, there is a special technology called ADS-B. The technology was then combined with ground-based tracking system signals.This Ground tracking system has been installed previously by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

What Are the Benefits For Malaysia Airlines?

Then the question arises, what is the advantage of satellite tracking system for Malaysia Airlines? Of course the goal is predictable that is to avoid the same incident with three years ago. Due to system limitations applied to aircraft MH370, so far the missing aircraft was not found. At least by using this satellite tracking system, it can avoid the possibility of bad happening again.

Malaysia Airlines Chief Operating Officer Izham Ismail said that a goal of the aviation community is a real-time global aircraft tracking. When tracking can be obtained quickly and easily, wherever and however the condition of the aircraft will be known and found quickly.

Malaysia Airlines is The First One

Did you know that Malaysia Airline is the first airline to sign up to get the technology? However, tracking system will be used in the next year which is 2018.Now, the system is in the process of completion. Izham proudly said that he is proud because be the first airline that adopted this solution. To find more detail about the new tracking system with this satellite based, let’s check this site.


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