Photographic Composition – Repetitions

Photographic Composition – Repetitions

Repetitions are another element that makes the difference in a photograph. Photographing duplicate objects, perhaps embedded in perspective or with strong color differences, is a way of attracting the attention of the observer.

Examples of this are many, and even among our photographs, there are probably no examples Have you ever photographed a colonnade The classic example is that of temples, Pompeii, Herculaneum or Athens, that is the presence of columns in series, all the same smilesmultimedia, tends to strike the photographer who will hardly be pulled back from doing some of the kind

Inserting repeating objects can also give you, because of the different size, a sense of depth (as in the case of the simple photo above). Or they can provide a sense of calm, order. Repetitions should not necessarily be perfect, even such a situation is interesting

Repetitions can be used alone, perhaps by inserting break elements (in the photo below the break element is given by the two black windows at the bottom left)

Or together with other composition rules the picture below is an example of mix of repetitions, perspective, symmetry and frame. Not to mention the color difference.

Another example in which repetition of objects, coupled with strong color differences and geometries, is well-developed a photograph of a strong visual impact, which is banally realized in a stationery.

Obviously, as with all other suggestions about photographic composition, the use of repetitions within the scenes is directly related to the photographer’s taste and for this reason will have different impacts on the final observer.

The important thing is always trying not to be trivial in choosing subjects and shots. Although the columns of the first photo were considered important by the photographer and as far as the repetition is right, the photograph is quite anonymous when compared to Osama’s photograph or even the one of the above-mentioned markers. The reason is just related to the photographer’s taste in the first case, the memory was given more emphasis (this is a photo taken on holiday, which reminds the photographer of the place visited) rather than the composition. In the other two cases, however, the photographer has mainly thought about the scene, choosing the scene more carefully. Sometimes losing some time looking for a particular position or a particular effect can make a difference. If Osama’s photo had only been made half an hour later, he probably lost part of his charm, resulting in little or even totally unseen background.

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