Plastic surgery is a surgical method to repair and change the parts of the body and its functions, usually to advance. The word plastic is derived from the Greek ‘plastikos’, which means ‘mold’. This operation also involves molding or forming part of the body either to alter the appearance of the individual or to recover part of the body that are not normal.

The benefits of plastic surgery is felt by the celebrities in the running career. Examples such as Krisdayati doing repair surgery or rhinoplasty nose shape, Titi DJ who perform liposuction or liposuction, Melly gloeslow who also perform liposuction and many other Indonesian artists, megan fox plastic surgery 

One side effect of plastic surgery is an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Some people may take a longer time than expected conscious. Individuals with certain medical history can even experience a serious reaction to the vital organs such as the heart.

Anesthesia can also trigger allergic reactions to the chemicals used during the anesthesia process. A common reaction as a result of plastic surgery anesthesia is nausea and vomiting. Because only natural ingredients that are very good to get into the body and be used as a beauty treatment .

Note that in each process operation, the doctor should be sewed back part slashed, and it will result in noticeable scars are visible on our faces.

These scars are difficult to remove unless we do more costly treatments that can remove these scars. Because doing perawatanlah all the former will have keounahan or disappear.

It’s very easy as long as have enough money, but must accept the risk it. Most small risk is a scar. All types of surgery certainly left a scar is a side effect of surgery and stitched back.

To maintain a healthy body in order to stay beautiful and healthy outside and inside to meet the needs of women many health experts are not profesianal opening this product. This is why the number of people who become ill maloah when after doing plastic surgery.

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