Review and Price of Nissan Grand Livina

Nissan Grand Livina Is One Of The Very Popular Cars. Not Only Because Its Look Very Charming But Also Because Nissan Grand Livina Price Is Also Included Affordable. With Good Specs Specifications, Price Of Nissan Grand Livina It’s Price With $15k Up to $ 17k Only. So If You Want To Know How Quality, Performance And Also The Performance Of This Car You Can Look For Articles Below It Till Done.

Views of Nissan Grand Livina

In this article we will not only discuss about the price of Nissan Grand Livina but also about the review of this beautiful car. And The First That We Will Discuss Is The Look Of This Nissan Grand Livina Car. The Car This One Carrying Luxury Concepts And Also Charming And It Seems That It Was Very Successfully Applied By Nissan Grand Livina Ini.Lalu With Front Grille Display On This Cars Make The Views Of Gran Livina It Became Different And More Bold Enthusiast Of The Preliminary Car.Nissan Grand Livina  2016

Nissan Grand Livina Engine Sector

In the Machine Sector, the Grand Livina is equipped with 1.5l capacity engine with 4 cylinders 16 valve with Dohc Technology which is also supported by Twin Dual Injector And Also Vtc Which Can Generate Maximum Power To 109 Ps. And Great This Car Also Equipped With Dual Injector And Twin Vtc (Intake And Exhaust) That Will Increase The Efficiency Of Fuel Burning That Far More Efficient. And With All The Pros, The Price Of The Grand Livina Nissan Is Affordable.

Nissan Grand Livina is divided into 4 types namely Grand Livina Gl Sv Mt, Grand Livina Sv Cvt, Grand Livina Xv Mt And Also Grand Livina Xv Cvt. Which Of The Four Types Of Having Excess Each. And Each Of The Price Of The Grand Livina Nissan Has The Difference Even While The Difference Is Not Too Big But It Might Also Slightly Affects The Consumers Of This Car. And If You Are Curious With The Price Of Grand Livina Car Then You Here The Details.

And Prices Nissan Grand Livina Which We Will Discuss First Is The Grand Livina Car Type Gl Sv Mt Which This Car Using Manual Transactions. And This One Car Type Price $15k. And This Version Is The Version Of Nissan Grand Livina Cars The Most Low But Specifications Still Qualified And You Can Prove Itself. While For The Second Type That is Grand Livina Type Sv Cvt Which Uses Transmission Type Cvt. And Grand Livina Car Type This One Set By Selling Price $16k Which This Car Also Of course has advantages not owned by Nissan Grand Livina Nissan Gl Sv Mt.

And Next Price Nissan Grand Livina Type Xv Which Which Mt Is Also Using Transmission Manual The Price Is Priced With $20k Which Price Is Also Not So Different With The Price Of Nissan Cars Grand Livina Series Sv Cvt. Finally We Will Discuss About The Price Of Nissan Grand Livina Cars Xv Cvt Which Is The Version With The Highest Price Among The Other Third Versions. And the Highest Version Is Priced With A Very Worthy Price With The Facilities That Are Served That $18k.

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