School Christmas Gift Exchange Games


Many public schools don’t allow gift exchanges throughout the Christmas season, but some do and surely many private schools do. Many fun games can be created to make the gift exchange really joyous and fun for children.

There are several actions you can impose to produce the gift purchasing intriguing. For instance, you can declare that one of the rules of this present exchange is that gifts have to be handmade or put together in some way rather than bought. You can take this a step further by declaring that the presents feature the college’s colors in prosperity. Maybe they may also somehow incorporate the school’s mascot.

Definitely, in a gift exchange with kids, there should be a low dollar limit on the gifts.

But once the gifts are ready, there are lots of enjoyable exchange activities and games that can be utilized to make this enjoyable and memorable for the kids.

It’s possible to use a “white elephant” gift exchange method; here the kids draw on a number and choose their gift from the pile of presents in sequence from the number they brought. They could exchange their present for another one if they select. Children always get a kick out of this “stealing” aspect of the white elephant gift exchange.

Children love buying gifts for others, so having them draw names is a superb task for a gift exchange. To add a twist, create the gift action interesting by telling the kids they can’t inform their receiver they’re buying for them. Then create a fun activity during the exchange itself to play up the “mystery” part of the present exchange.

From the mystery scenario, you can have each child open their present, then try and figure out who it is from. If the kids were asked to make a gift, this may be especially enjoyable, as some children might have drawing abilities or woodworking skills which might make it easier or more difficult for your other children to decide who have them a gift.

As the children open the presents, have them guess that the present is from. If they are incorrect, they have to do a little dancing or silly physical act prior to making another suspect. This repeats until they figure the right giver of the gift they have been given.

Another interesting activity for gift giving among children in a classroom is to have each child make a game piece for an unfamiliar game board. Everybody brings a handcrafted game bit (there can be rules as to its dimensions, for example, no larger than 2 inches), to perform on the communal game board.

Even the “game board” can be simply a large rug that has been fashioned into some type of game, ideally a Christmas-themed game. As most kids know how to play these matches, the learning curve is small and in the Christmas party, they could get to playing straight away. To keep with the gift exchange idea, each child could be asked to bring their handcrafted game piece wrapped and the bits can be exchanged as presents until everyone plays on the major game board.

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