Slimming Bars Homemade Recipe

Slimming Bars Homemade Recipe

slimming bars homemade recipe to prepare one breaks hunger, perfect for the morning or afternoon snack. Delicious and light, dietary bar is also excellent for children’s snacks.

When you are dieting, you never know what to eat for a healthy snack or a light snack and, at times, you end up not eating anything and then binge in the main meals. The cereal-based diet bars are a great breaks hunger and contain few calories; These bars contain all the typical benefits that bring the grain, then improve bowel regularity and give satiety. They are also perfect as a snack for children, recently returned to school and for those who do sports, because they do not weigh down. Prepare them at home allows us to use selected ingredients and genuine than, of course, to avoid excessive use of refined sugar and preservatives. See the recipe for home-dietary cereal bars.
slimming bars the recipe


150 g of cereals
150 g of maple syrup
50 g of cane sugar
1 tablespoon ginger


Heat over low heat maple syrup and sugar, stirring repeatedly not to attack the compound. When the syrup will become liquid, add the cereal, continue cooking for about 20 minutes, until the mixture begins to caramelize and become hard. When everything is ready, pour the mixture into a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, trying to get the fingers with regular shapes and level. When the fingers will become hard and solid, you can wrap them individually or put them in an airtight jar. This recipe can be enriched with dried fruit in pieces or whole, raisins and dark chocolate.


Preserving raw vegetables

If you do not want to cook the vegetables, you can store them raw, washed and well dried, in the freezer or in airtight containers or freezer bags in, for about three months; in this way, you can cook the vegetables only when you need them. Not exaggerated in portions for freezing, so you will not risk finding yourself with thawed vegetables you plan to consume.

Store dried vegetables

Finally, if you have dried leguminous vegetables to be stored, proceed as follows wash and dry thoroughly, then put them in the sun for three days, making sure to collect them at home in the sun set, leaving them wrapped all night in a cotton cloth clean. You do not need to freeze or put vacuum dried vegetables just store them in an airtight container. The pulses, before cooking, will be left in water for a few hours.

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