The Best Matress Brands

Mattresses may generally look alike or feel similar when tested, making it sometimes hard for the shopper to choose from the different displays. However, different brands of mattresses each have their own unique attributes. Some mattress companies have long-held traditions of coil mattresses while others have created from an entirely different set of materials to use such as memory foam mattresses.

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The best brands also input intangible features that ensure the comfort, cleanliness, health, and safety of the user or users. Below is a list of some popular brands along with rising brands that are highly-acclaimed by its users.

The next big thing in memory foam mattresses is Essentia. Their mattresses are ultra comfortable, made with their proprietary natural memory foam, don’t contain any glues and come with a 20 year limited warranty. These high-tech Canadian made memory foam mattresses are generations ahead of other brands.

Each mattress is molded one at a time so glues are not necessary or used. Essentia are one of the very few companies that actually make their own memory foam. However, their memory foam is made with natural ingredients so it breathes better and it’s healthy to sleep on.

Their luxury line of medical mattresses such as their back pain mattres scalled the Energie addresses back, shoulder and neck pain. Others are made with latex lumbar pads to give heavier individuals support in the hip region.
Tempurpedic paved the way for memory foam mattress companies. Essentia is the next generation in memory foam mattresses.

Stearns and Foster
Stearns and Foster has been in the market since 1946 and is well-known for its luxurious yet affordable line of mattresses. A variety of materials such as latex foam, high-carbon steel, memory foam, hypo-allergenic synthetic fibers, wool, cashmere, silk, and imported covers from Belgium, are specially designed to give the consumer the most luxurious sleep he or she ever have.

The mattresses may come with either the legendary innerspring core support system or the luxury latex. The former consists of fiber-encased high-carbon coils while the latter is made up of synthetic latex material that alleviates pressure points when sleeping. Moreover it has a natural ventilation system that would prevent the entrapment of humidity causing mildew in some mattresses. Although Stearns and Forster mattresses may have the highest average prices, they are noteworthy not only for their luxurious feel but durability as well.

Sealy Posturepedic
The most popular brand in the United States since 1881, Sealy is preceded by its reputation as a middle-priced (Prices range from $400-$2500 depending on the model) mattress brand that comes with durable core support systems that do not compromise the comfort of the users.

Sealy came up with Posturepedic to address the concerns of consumers regarding aching backs, hips, and sides that is caused by pressure points during sleep. The brand utilizes materials that give comfort and support. The unique feature of Sealy Posturepedic is its innerspring system that is able to react well to body motion and is specially-designed to alleviate pressure points by having the ability to reduce tossing and turning at nights.

Simmons Beautyrest and Backcare
Simmons is another popular brand in the United States. Famous for its “Do Not Disturb” Beautyrest line and its affordable prices, the manufacturing company, Simmons, also introduced a new line which is Backcare that consists of a combination of innerspring coils and zoned foam. Beutyrest employs a creative system of two-storey pocketed coils atop each other to produce the most durable yet most comfortable mattress. Moreover, Simmons has the unique ultra 360 degree foam encasement system and high performance foams ranging from viscoelastic or memory foams, latex foams, and a combination of both.  Interesting to buy mattress above, find in mattress store near you.

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