The illusion Faucet Fountain Hovering In The Water

The fountain faucet floating in the air is a clever illusion, comprised of faucet mysteriously hovering over the pond or other water supplies endless gushing out of the tap.

The fountain is one, the most famous beautiful, charming and fascinating attractions. Kran remained stable despite having no visible support, and where all this water come from?

People visiting the fountain for a walk with their loved ones, to make a wish, watch and enjoy the beauty of the water, sometimes fountains plus beautiful lights and soothing music.

Tap fountain

The fountain faucet floating in the air is spectacular effect is achieved by a transparent tube in the middle of the water column that holds the faucet in place and at the same time, water is pumped from the ground, then the water rises through the tube and out at the top. The release of water, which usually radiate strongly, effectively hiding the tube from view.

Here This is a beautiful fountain faucet is located in many places. This fountain has the shape of the faucet and water drops from a faucet. It seems as though the magic faucet hanging / suspended in air without any support. The reality is that the wonderful support hidden under the heavy water flow from the tap.

Some giant faucet floating fountain can be found in Spain, Belgium, USA, Canada and other parts of the world. Some permanent installation, the other is the work of art while.

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