The Toned Gold Photography

The Toned Gold Photography

The turning of the gold consists in covering with a thin layer of gold silver salts that make up the emulsion (in the case of sepia the silver sulphate) and then protecting them from atmospheric agents and increasing the life. Obviously, if Sepia, more than the aging of the photo (already obtained with the same sepia) is pointing to the particular shade that the next color change gives it clicks. As for the solution to be used, be aware that the price is quite high: the golden traveling at a high price so a liter of solution (ready for use) can find it in not less than 50 €. Otherwise, to prepare a bath color change to gold will serve 1gr of gold chloride, 20 g of calcium carbonate (or 5 grams of sodium carbonate, or 20 grams of borax).

There is also a color change to platinum but this is very rarely used because it is an almost perfect copy of selenium toner.

The procedure

The sepia is achieved by using two bathrooms: the first called bleaching and the second color change itself.

The bleaching bath, traformando silver into silver bromide akusaraprosound, has the function to whiten the image almost to make it slightly visible on the photographic paper (only the blacks should be seen more teeth while the rest has disappeared from view). More printing will remain in the bleaching bath, the effect will be more pronounced the effect sepia (brown color).
Subsequently the bleaching, a wash of at least 5-10 minutes is necessary. Then proceed to the next bath, that relating to sepia, also called bath of sulfation (sulfidation) for the transformation of silver bromide in silver sulfide. During this bath, the duration of which relates to the effect that we want to get, the image will appear again in the press (in the bleaching, if you remember, we had heavily lightened) but with a color tending to brown.
Once reached the pitch which is preferred, the press must be subjected to a new wash, lasting 5-10 minutes.

At this point, we have a choice: we can finish here our color change or make a second color change to gold.

To end, made a wash of at least 30 minutes under running water and dry. In the case where the solution turns to gold, photography The coloring reddish blood. Conversely, if a color change to gold eseguissimo without executing the Sepia, we’re going to get a result similar to selenium toner, then with a density of blacks more marked.

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