We Share With Retractable Glass Doors

We Share With Retractable Glass Doors

We like the idea of ??a large open plan living environment, but at the same time we would like to be able if necessary to separate the kitchen area from the living room We divide the room with retractable glass doors, as we propose in this picture Arch. FABRIZIO DE ROSA. In this way we will get the double benefit of being able to have a great living, without having to give up, when necessary, to the kitchen. And in the more glass doors, although opaque, allow light to filter equally, making the bright environment and consequently more spacious.

We furnish with full-height bookcases

Love books but, let’s face it, sometimes we doubt that if we had not our home seem larger

Quiet, you will not need to say goodbye to our beloved volumes simply just change the perspective Us Develop vertically instead of horizontally, thus gaining more space! From the practical point of view this means furnish with full height libraries.

In the market there are different models for every need. Some libraries are in fact equipped with a rail with a sliding ladder that allows you to also easily reach the highest shelves. If we have very high ceilings we could think of a structure with a mezzanine – as proposed in this image – that will give us a small angle additional study.

We integrate in furnishing stairs

We finally decided to turn the attic into a comfortable attic but now we’ll have to start the work that we fear the stairs, entered the living area, getting too bulky One solution would be to integrate the new furnishing stairs. We could for example take a cue from this proposal of ANGELS-BRUCOLI Studio and use the rail as a convenient storage wall, with space for the TV and the library.

We use the furniture as stairs

The loft, the lifeline of many modern families! Thanks to the loft in fact, it is often possible to get a real extra room, to be used as a study rather than hobby room or bedroom. But where to find the space for the ladder, in our living room, already not very wide The fix is ??trivial, as strategic we use the furniture as stairs! We could for example use a dresser at decreasing heights. Or, place the scale on a platform and create a comfortable bench, as we can see in this proposal.

We rely on folding furniture and saves space

Finally, a small quick and easy trick to achieve if we can not – or do not intend to – run big jobs at home we aim of folding furniture and saves space. On the market you can find different solutions for every need and personal taste. One of the most popular products is usually the console table, like this elegant example of CREATIVE FURNITURE a folding table, which can be opened only when needed, thus helping us to gain more space in the living area.

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