What to Know about Koi Fish Pond


A koi fish pond is a pool used for holding koi fish. The pond is usually utilized as part of landscape. Apart from the aesthetical sides, koi pond can be intended exclusively to uphold growth and health of the Japanese Ornamental Carp (Nishikigoi). The architecture of koi pond is capable of affecting on the well-being and health of koi. There are several parts of koi pond. The following are the explanation.

The first part of koi fish pond is the skimmer. This part is used to collect floating debris by letting water flows into it, bringing twigs, leaves, uneaten food, pollen, or any other kinds of floating debris. The skimmer typically has a basket that can be swiftly emptied regularly. Secondly, there are bottom drains. They are used to let the heavy waste to be taken to the mechanical filter. This mechanical filter’s ‘job is to trap the solid wastes and prevent them all from blocking the biological filter. You should often clean it out or backwash it. There are several types of mechanical filters, such as brushes, vortex, matting, gravel, settlement chamber and also sieve as well as sand screen.

The fourth part is biological filter. This part converts the fish’s nitrogenous wastes. It is vital for the koi owner to know how the filter is to be cleaned. Regular and proper cleaning of both mechanical and biological filters is important for the quality and health of the koi. Then, there is ultraviolet light to make algae form into clumps (flocculate), so they can be removed effortlessly. This light would also kill bacteria in the pond. Lastly, there is water and air pumps. Water pumps move the water throughout the filter system and back to the pond in circling pattern. Therefore, air pump increases the dissolved oxygen in koi fish pond. Hopefully this article can provide new knowledge for you about what you should know about fish ponds.

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